How It Works

Mountains is a marketplace that allows you to get feedback on your creative work from experienced artists. Share a link to your work, choose how much of it you want critiqued, and they'll give you written feedback.

Why Mountains Exists

Imagine you're a film student at the beginning of your journey. You just made a short film and don't know how good it is and want feedback. With Mountains, in a matter of days, you'll get a written critique on your project from someone several years ahead of you with a lot of experience and achievements under their belt.

On the other hand, it's also for experienced artists who enjoy teaching and want an easy way to get paid to share their knowledge. We believe you shouldn't have to become a professor or teacher to earn money teaching as an artist -- there should be an easy way to do so online without having to build a large following yourself.

Launch Sale
The first 1000 customers to receive feedback will get the "Early Supporter" badge and not have to pay the 5% service fee on their first booking and all future bookings. Sign up below and get feedback to secure your spot.